In-home/Family Evaluation 

We coach members of the family on how to train the doggy to eliminate the dog’s behavioral problems. This is done in your home in a relaxed, natural and realistic environment. We will identify why your doggie is behaving as they are and we will evaluate the challenges and problems. We tailor a dog training program to suit the needs of the family including the dog – and complete the coaching to get on top of things.  If we need several sessions, they would be at least a day apart giving you as much time as necessary to implement the plans and actions required. 


Already have been through training, but life has gotten in the way.  We know how that is, making the time for anything with everyone’s busy life is hard – so Poochini offers you a tutoring program to freshen up the skills your doggie already has. 



Private Lessons

During the training lessons your  trainer will:

Assess your dog and the environment

Plan a training structure for you and your dog

Give you the tips and tricks to control behavioral problems

Train your dog and you to obtain results

Severe training issues welcome

Fear based dogs





Pet Walking/Exercise

At Poochini Whole Pet, we understand the challenges of balancing your busy work schedule, family time and ongoing commitments with your dog’s daily exercise and socialization requirements. As experts in canine exercise, we have developed a number of specialized exercise programs, over the years, to meet you and your dog’s unique and individualistic needs. It is our hope, that we will make a genuine difference in the lives of both you and your canine companion.  We have a full time program we can enter your dog in while you’re away or working. We have daycare available with a great list of activities including beach days, parks and streams, and redwood trails.

Also See Daycare


Pet Sitting/House Sitting

We have a Perfect program where our Dog Trainer gets to pet sit your home. Seeing the dog from the inside his home environment is very useful and beneficial. Training programs are added to a package for a savings and is one of Paul’s services that are “unique”. Experience working with animals has been Paul’s life since 1992.

·      Marin area by appointment

·      Perfect alternative to boarding



Personal Boarding on a “One on One” basis

Bel Marin Keys and the beautiful trails and waterways make it a perfect spot for dogs.

Training through ducks and fowl make walks exciting and fun.

We offer indoor sleeping and care – plus all the activities of Poochini Whole Pet.


Board and Train

We also understand the challenges of fitting dog training classes into your busy lifestyle in the midst of work, family and social commitments, and that the “cookie cutter classroom environment” isn’t for everyone that is why we have Board and Train. Have your dog enroll in:

1. Spend a day with the trainer

2. Spend a week with the trainer

3. Or our intensive 6-week program



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